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Cellular energy is behind every single action that happens within you. It’s required for muscle movement, producing new cells, wound healing and thinking, to name a few.
The mitochondria in each of your cells are the source of this energy. Mitochondria are the powerhouses that generate cellular energy (in the form of ATP) through an ongoing oxidative energy production process.

And without cellular energy, well… life is not possible.

Therefore, optimal mitochondrial function contributes significantly to overall wellness. 
The brain utilizes oxygen for ATP production more than any other body tissue. As a result, oxidative stress plays a key role in cognitive disorders because neurons are highly vulnerable to free radical damage. And because neural mitochondria have inferior antioxidant defenses, the brain is especially susceptible to mitochondrial shutdown from toxins and oxidative stress from free radicals, resulting in mitochondrial damage 10-100 times greater than anywhere else in the body.

Mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to various health issues including fatigue, cognitive decline, and chronic diseases. Many neurodegenerative diseases are now believed to stem from mitochondrial damage of neural tissues as well.

New research in the field of neuroplasticity tells us that neural tissue is dynamic, able to repair from oxidative damage, and can be stimulated by certain nutrients to help repair damaged neuronal mitochondria and cell membranes.

Our supplements enhance mitochondrial function by using biochemistry and detoxification to optimize function and performance.

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