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Explore our Core Formulas, formulated by world-renowned physician Dr. Marvin "Rick" Sponaugle.

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What Is YOUR Formula?
Formula4Health is dedicated to helping individuals with environmental or epigenetic factors requiring support for methylation & mitochondrial dysfunction.
Our natural supplements provide a holistic approach to
  • alleviate symptoms
  • prevent future health issues
  • optimize overall health + vitality

Bust Biofilm Naturally
Unveil the power of targeted biofilm disruption with our exceptional Biofilm Busters Collection.  This premium line of scientifically-formulated supplements is designed to break down and eliminate biofilms.

Our innovative Biofilm Busters offer a targeted approach to improve immune system function, enhance the efficacy of antimicrobial treatments, and promote overall well-being.
  • Effective Biofilm Disruption

  • Enhanced Immune Support

  • Improved Antimicrobial Efficacy
What Are Epigenetics?
'Epigenetics' refers to changes in gene functionality or expression within a consistent genetic sequence.  
These changes are influenced by variables like nutrition, stress, toxin exposure & environmental factors, and can be either short-term or long-lasting.

Epigenetic activation (often mistaken for methylation) is a distinct process affecting growth, aging & conditions like mental disorders, cancers, fertility issues and autoimmune diseases. 
Learning to optimize your epigenetic activation is how you truly take control of your health.

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