"Combining the Best of Nature & Science."

Our journey into Physical Health begins with the basics. There is no secret formula or magic pill for physical health ... we already possess all that we need to live a long healthy life with vitality. We have gotten caught up in the ocean of information and misinformation and have got lost at sea when it comes to our physical health. Remember ... God didn't make any junk". We have all to tools at our disposal ... there are no excuses. With "Right eating, Right Exercising, Right Thinking, Right Praying, Right Living ... these tone up your vitality."

I have compiled over twenty five years of endless research to find the most common sense approach to preventative health solutions that can be easily implemented into our daily lifes. My philosophy has always been to follow as best possible, the five cornerstones of vitality and good health. Keep your body in balance and disease cannot be present.

This following list is by no means complete and is always being updated with new information as it becomes available. If one is currently having a health challenge, the key philosophy is to treat the cause not the symptoms. Unfortunately, the medical community is profit driven and backed by the pharmaceutical companies who only want to sell drugs and medical treatments that treat symptoms not the cause.

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